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LEEZA Spotlight: Bennett Design

This month, we spoke to Joanna Lucente, interior designer with Bennett Design in Uxbridge, ON. She gives Benntt Design Logo us some background on today’s design climate.

When did you know you were bound for an interior design career, and what brought you to Bennett?

I’ve been a designer for 13 years. I knew I wanted to become an interior designer when I was about 13 years old! I remember going to my guidance counselor at the start of high school, and asking what courses I needed to get into the School of Interior Design at Ryerson University, in Toronto. I was determined!

All those plans and decisions that I made at a young age, all panned out. Over the years, I’ve worked at a couple of firms, but I believe Bennett Design is the one for me because it offers the work-life balance that I’ve been seeking—especially since this industry can be very demanding.

Who’s your ideal client?

A well-known designer once said, “If you don’t want advice, don’t hire a designer!” Clients who are familiar with the design process tend to value our services that much more. They are looking to us to supply the expert advice and best applications. This is not to say that less informed clients aren’t great to work with, but having a willingness to understand is important to a successful project.

What’s new and trendy in interior design these days?

Graphic wall coverings and digital imaging seem to be very popular and relatively inexpensive items that can add interest to any space. But keeping things classic will always be within trend.

How do you help clients balance trends and personal taste with functionality/durability?

We always consider the “why” for the basis of everything we do. This usually provides answers to the form and function of good design.

Describe your perfect work day.

Knowing that I’m creating spaces that positively affect clients, inhabitants, and the environment at large.

What’s a common misconception about interior design?

Without a doubt, we often get mistaken for decorators! Although there’s a place for applied decoration, designers look at the entire scope—from wall construction, building code, and life safety (to name a few of the various tasks)… to the pretty elements, as well.

Where do you get your design inspiration?

I unconsciously absorb inspiration through myriad objects and the environment around me. Applying concepts through osmosis is usually what happens.

What’s your favorite HanStone Quartz or Samsung Staron color?

Hands down: HanStone Royale Blanc, Bianco Canvas, Pewter, Sterling Grey, and the much anticipated Carrera Marble pattern. 

Bennett Design in Action: Projects That Pop!

This rendering by Bennett Design was created for D+H Limited Partnership’s corporate office space in Toronto. The clients wanted to update and refresh the space to reflect their evolving business and meet its growing needs.

Bennett's use of HanStone Qurtz

Bennett Design used HanStone Bianco Canvas to emphasize the main transaction counter in the reception desk. HanStone Sterling Grey was applied to highlight the adjacent barrier free counter. The neutral patterns and colors worked great together.

Here are the swatches. You can get samples here.

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