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Cleaning Quartz Countertops: Do's & Don'ts

HanStone Sandcastle 3 TOC Design

Quartz is a popular choice for countertops (and more), and for good reason:

Quartz Countertops & Backsplashes: How to Make a Match in Heaven

quartz countertops

When you're designing a room as practical as a kitchen needs to be, it's a delicate balance between efficiency and beauty, especially when choosing backsplashes to go with your quartz countertops.

Engineered Quartz Countertops: The Environmental Pros & Cons

engineered quartz

Engineered quartz countertops have become one of the most popular countertops for many reasons. They're beautiful, affordable, durable, and easy to care for. Of course, those personal considerations aren't the only thing you should take into account when choosing a countertop material; environmental concerns should also play a role.

5 Things You Should NEVER Do to Quartz Counters

hanstone quartz

Quartz counters are remarkably easy to clean and care for. They are durable and non-porous, meaning that they can withstand normal wear and tear with minimal risk of staining or harboring bacteria.

6 Things We Bet You Never Knew About Engineered Quartz

engineered quartz

After years of experience in the field, we're certified "quartz nerds" and can't resist sharing some of our favorite facts about quartz with friends, family, blog readers, customers, people in line at the grocery store—you get the idea.

Redoing Kitchen Countertops? 5 Tips

kitchen countertops

Renovating your kitchen and adding a new, modern countertop can add so much beauty and functionality to the most popular room in the house. Here's what to consider as you start shopping: 

Choosing Bar Countertops - Don't Forget the Rest of Your Room's Decor

Staron Bright White 122

When choosing bar countertops, the goal is to end up with a bar that is distinct from the rest of the kitchen or entertainment area but blends perfectly in terms of style and color.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Evaluating Bathroom Countertop Options

bathroom with tile floor

It's time to remodel your bathroom! So let's talk countertops. Be sure to keep these five things in mind as you start shopping:

What is Quartz? A Little History

quartz countertops

Quartz countertops are rapidly gaining popularity, and for good reason (they were once again ranked the #1 kitchen countertop material by Consumer Reports in July 2013). That said, most people who buy them have no idea what quartz really is.

Sprucing Up Your Quartz Countertop for the Holidays: 4 Ideas

quartz countertop

No matter what size your kitchen is, you'll probably find yourself spending a lot of time in the kitchen over the holidays, whether it's baking cookies or getting holiday meals together. To make those long holiday days more manageable, start off the season with these four tips for sprucing up your quartz countertop:

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